The Garden Community

I hoped to teach others about the gardening, as I learned about it myself. My mission was to learn while weeding, watering, and harvesting and share what I learned during my hands-on time through this blog. I expected to learn about gardening and plants (obviously), but a pleasant surprise was to learn about the community invested in the garden and how integral others are to my garden’s success.

From the very beginning, others were ready to help me in my gardening pursuit. Dad bought most of the supplies, and he let me use his water to water the garden on the summer’s hottest days. Dad and Angie worked beside me as we broke ground and laid the landscape timbers down in May. A local mulch and soil yard sold us our soil. While I was at work, Dad watered my seedlings until they were healthy enough to grow; then, Peter and I planted those sprouts. Angie started a lettuce head sprout, and we planted it together in the garden. We had a family friend give us zucchini to plant in the garden, and the watermelons came from a locally-owned garden shop. My mom gave me gas money to get to and from Dad’s house, my grandad bought the cone flower seeds I tried to grow. Blackie, my dog, watched the garden when he could, too. Without the help of these people, Barto’s garden would still be just a square of grass.

Because others helped me make the garden become what it is, I was able to share my experiences with you, the readers of the Barto’s Garden blog. I shared what I did, how I did it, what I read, and how I felt with you, and that’s a large part of what kept me dedicated to the blog. When others told me they liked my garden or they commented on one of the images/tweets/posts, it made my day!

While it was wonderful to have others compliment my work, the best feeling was showing others the progress of the garden and teaching others first-hand. My favorite memories of the garden was when I was able to explain the reasoning behind my garlic spray, or when I was able to show the kids at a local garden how a tomato blossom turned into a small green bulb and ultimately a plump tomato.

The garden gave me experience, but the readers and community gave me memories. Thank you.

TL;DR The best memories I have from Barto’s Garden are sharing my experiences with others, and I think everyone should volunteer at their community garden or start their own.



One thought on “The Garden Community

  1. You have done a fine job with this project and Angela & I have enjoyed it also. Lets do it again next year. 😀😃🐾🌱🌾🍁🐝🐦


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