Progress Report

Final Treats

I’m all moved back into my dorm at college, which means summer has officialy come to its close. Before returning, I made my final visit to the 2.jpgAs tired as it looked, there were some final treats. There were a few onions, all about a 4 cm in diameter.20160811_164906.jpg Notice the background of the image on the right: The tomatoes on the fallen vine are ripening. There were some tomatoes already ready to be placed in the refrigerator and saved for later. 20160811_164549.jpgAll of the squash bugs were gone, which makes me believe I did the right thing by removing the zucchini. The green beans were totally dried to bits, and there was one good cucumber surrounded by a couple rotten veggies. Finally, the tastiest treat was ready: The watermelon!


I left the medium one at Dad’s after I cut off the rotting bit, I took the little one home, and we split the pride and joy of Barto’s Garden, the big watermelon.

The little one was watery, as it hadn’t had the chance to develop its sweetness. The big watermelon, however, was the best watermelon I have ever tasted. (I may be a bit biased because I grew it, but it really was the sweetest, most crisp watermelon I’ve eaten!)


These final treats will be enjoyed, and I can’t wait ’til next year to grow even more.



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