Progress Report

Signs of Exhaustion

On July 23, I visited the garden before I headed off to my week-long camp counselor duty. When I approached the garden, It looked about the same as the week prior: yellowed, cooked, and tired. It is no doubt that the summer heat has taken its toll on Ashley’s Happy Square.

I noticed that the tomatoes were flopping all over the ground, so I gently tied them to a piece of PVC with twine. DSC_1171.JPG

I searched the garden for veggies as explorers search for treasure. While flipping over leaves, I found a surprise: eggsDSC_1167.JPGI removed the leaf and did not think much more of it (although I should have, looking back).

Still on a search, I plucked 5 cucumbers, and Dad carried them inside. DSC_1177.JPG

The garden is obviously past its peak, but it has taught me so much so far, and I’m sure it has more in store before we retire it for the season.


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