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Garden Woes

After returning from camp, I visited the garden. Still, the leaves were yellow, and I noticed bug.jpga little bug crawling around. I shook the bug off of the zucchini leaf, and three more bugs came out from around the zucchini. I swatted at all of the leaves, and hundreds of little bugs scattered across the zucchini plot. In a panic, I started spraying them with garlic spray, but the resilient little things kept cruising. We doused them in water next, which seemed to hinder their stroll, but there were too many to stop without wasting water. Then, I looked up common garden pests and identified the culprit: Squash Bugs. Although less harmful in the late growing season, I still opted to remove the zucchini from the garden, so the bugs would have less of an opportunity to ruin my prided watermelons.

While removing the zucchini, I also removed the lettuce, which had grown beyond its leafy stage. (Bonnie Plants calls this bolted lettuce, and says it will taste bitter.)

After all of the bug mess, I noticed a storm pushed our tomato stake to the ground. Like the novice I am, I tried to readjust it to its upright position, and in the process, I broke its central stem. I will have to keep my eye on it as the tomatoes turn, since the broken vine compromises their health.

Even through all of my garden woes, I still found a happy cucumber, and it reminded me of my original purpose when I started the garden. I wanted to learn, and I told myself that just starting the garden would be a step in the right direction. To find this cucumber reminded my that my effort wasn’t just for nothing. I am learning so much, and I get tasty veggies as a bonus. Every mistake is an opportunity to investigate a new area of plant health.cucumber


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