Progress Report

Rot & Compost

Things aren’t always perfect in the garden. For example, a few weeks ago, we had an issue with bugs eating the plants’ leaves. (See “Trellises & Garlic“.) This week, I found rotten produce hiding in the garden.

Dad’s hypothesis: The recent heavy rains and high heat patterns flooded some of the produce, and the heat fostered bacterial growth.

The heavy rains had also eroded the soil around one of the onions. DSC_1158.JPG

I removed the onion, and to keep the garden healthy, I removed the rotten cucumbers and watermelon. Although the garden’s rot saddened me, I found the silver lining in this situation. I added rejected veggies to the small but growing compost pile near the garden.DSC_1162.JPG

During the year, I will turn the compost, and I will add it to the garden’s soil next spring. The nutrients from the organic material will enrich the soil and allow next year’s plants to grow larger and produce more!

Until next time, I will enjoy the harvest of this week: 4 cucumbers and the onion I saved.DSC_1164.JPG


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