Progress Report · Reflection

Happy Harvest!

The tiny cucumbers I saw only a week ago were full-sized when I got to the garden yesterday, and the zucchini, which were already large last week, grew even bigger! We went around the garden and checked all of the plants to find more picking-ready plants. DSC_1128.JPGWe found many plants ready for picking! In fact, we found two zucchini, a green bean, and nine cucumbers! (To see what I do with six of those cucumbers, check out “Pickles!“.)

Six watermelons and five tomatoes as well as a handful of other green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers were not yet ready to be picked but well on their way.DSC_1130.JPG

After I picked what was ready, I just took a moment to reflect upon the garden. Dad and I started out with mere seeds, mostly, and with work, water, and patience, we have a healthy, leafy garden producing plump veggies. After a moment of reflection, I closed the gate and took our veggies inside.DSC_1133.JPG


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